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Johannes Broch-Due

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I am Johannes Broch-Due.

Born in Oslo, Norway, in 1990. I grew up in a musical family and got interrested in music very early. I started playing the Violin as a 7 year old and switsched to the Guitar with 13. I wanted to sing also.

I started playing in my first band with 14. We formed a Band at my school and could practice in the rehearsalroom evenings. I´ve played in several Bands after that before playing in Low Lay Logic for five years. That was fun and we had some small successes in Oslo. We quit after making our first EP. A pretty stupid point to quit, looking back in retrospect. We were tired of it and the temptation to give up became unavoidable. I've hopefully learned from my mistake.

Now I have started my current and hopefully last Band for at least the next ten years. We are Kosmo Super, we are releasing our first Album in Febuary 2015. It will be called "Good Life" and i am pretty excited about it. I look forward to present the material to everyone. We are going on our first 10 day Tour in the end of March and we are moving forward.

When I am not playing with my Band, I am busking the streets of Berlin to survive and to make my singer songwriting going. when I am not busking I am working on my songs, my guitarplaying, my singing, my thinking, my writing and making my band successful.

If you are smart, you like marketing, event organisation, management etc and you are a dreamer who want to make money i would like to hire you.