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Jose luis muñoz

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The academic formulae, which I had so thoroughly assimilated from my grandfather, art teacher and architect were used as the basis of my artistic experience starting from about age 14 years old , making drawings in pencil in my environment, alternating with abstract painting in oil and mixed media, in addition to the teaching of the technique of drawing students from different schools of.

I left my artistic activity 20 years old to devote myself exclusively to my studies of Tourism Management in Salamanca University.

In 2013, I returned to my hobby of drawing and painting to be able to dedicate myself professionally.

I’m currently devoting to abstract painting, using the technique of the acrylic and gesso, in addition to other products, looking for colors and textures land, desert, sea and alternating with other bright colors, blue, yellow, green, etc.

I try to express landscapes, cities and my environment as the sea and the mountain, contrasting the optimism and the decline.