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Jessica Philbrick

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Jessica is a feminist artist originating from New Zealand and currently residing in Berlin. She is offering freelance photography services within Berlin. She works with portraits, fashion, creative projects, maternity shoots and more!

Jessica is a contemporary feminist artist working with photography to explore the current construct of femininity through appearances. While reflecting on previous feminist theories on femininity, Jessica also conducts interviews to gather real life insights from young women in order to contextually analyse their thoughts. Her works aim to be informed by the interview material and re-present the content as a performance of femininity. In turn, these works present an insightful take on young woman’s ambivalences with their relationship to their feminist beliefs versus their identification with their personal sense of femininity. 

Jessica is also a painter. Her paintings continue make use of a feminine colour pallet and play with a somewhat fictional representation of real stories. In a similar vain to her Performing Femininity works, her paintings offer a reflection on domestic spaces which is nostalgic and poignant. These empty interiors aim to present a similar unease as her feminist videos to urge a conversation around the everyday thoughts and emotions relating to a young woman’s sense of space, appearance, femininity and feminism.