Jessica moritz

My work explore differs medias: painting, drawing, printing, wheat paste, graffiti...and I m exploring relations to space, pattern and people.
i did a serie of mixed media in which i cover some with pattern, and try to propose a new approach of bodies.
i love doing research. It can be illustration to movies and of course other artists that inspire me a lot.
i always work on different one at the same time. i need to see it as layers. as one is drying, i start another one and it goes on and on.Sometime a piece can take me a month and sometimes i do small drawing that can be done in one day.
my themes are mainly focus on woman interactions, patterns, and colors. i am still fascinated by the way body can be a stranger.

Art is a side effect of our lives.We create chimeras, and as an artist we put them in a box. Graphically, I decided to erase them. the drawing became more important.The usual contrasts of colored tints have disappeared to give way to a white "figure" drawn. the color remains important but no longer takes up the same space in the interaction with the viewer. in paintings the motif retains an important place, it is the echo of this duplication. In street installations, the city becomes a motif, or vice versa, since each step to the painting changes its visual.
Art is and will always be connected to our reality. Each current is a reaction to the time it is going through.We feed an infinite source of creation.

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