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Jennifer Kidd

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My practice includes sculpture, sound, installation, stop motion animation and performance. She holds a BA in Fine Art from the Dublin Institute of Technology (2007) and was the recipient of The Best In Show Graduate Award 2007 where she exhibited in the Digital Hub and film Base in Dublin. She was also reviewed in Circa, Ireland’s leading quarterly Contemporary Art Magazine in ‘Pick of the years graduates’ (2007).

Exhibitions include, ‘Breathing Space’ a group exhibition at the Hamni Gallery, London (October 2013). ‘Silence And I’ a group exhibition at the Hamni Gallery, London (September 2013) PAIL at RichMix, London (September 2013), ‘Marathon Irish’ at the Dialogue Gallery, London (December 2012) and ‘Noose’ at Great Western Studio’s Gallery, London (October 2012) to name but a few.

Using stop motion animation as a medium for performance my work focuses on our relationship to time.

My work is about the realization that we are an accumulation of decisions both made for us and by us.