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Jacintha Murphy

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I am a recent graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland and am now attempting to establish a studio practice here in Berlin. My work deals with the material nature of the body and centres on the transgressive and transformative capabilities of the body, most specifically the processes of birth, death and renewal. In my work, I hope to demonstrate the intrinsic relationship between destruction and creation, death and birth and in so doing explore the possibility of states that exist between these processes; states of becoming. My work investigates the positive aspects of these bodily processes; copulation, birth and death - processes that are often seen as taboo or distasteful in contemporary society - as well as the essential materiality and mortality of the flesh. By stripping away all connection with the “high”, spiritual or intellectual, I focus on the regenerative lower bodily stratum to emphasise the pure physicality and carnality of the bodies that we possess. Of particular interest to me is the concept of “regenerative degradation”; that from death comes renewal and birth. My work emphasises the intrinsic connections between these two aspects of life; in the destruction of the body, new life is generated and through death we transgress the boundaries of the human body to be re-moulded.