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Worldwide iRRi ART is focused on contemporary art projects across cultural borders.
Our aim is to further connect people from all over the world in an artistic way, realizing our own vision by supporting artists to realize their projects in cooperation with an international art network.
The aim of our projects is to reshape socially and politically born perspectives to create new ways of thinking and therefore a new form of communication and cooperation.
We understand the exhibition as a vehicle to reach changing audiences all over the world in order to support, reinforce and qualify the overall artistic and curatorial ideas implicit in every artistic work.
As art historians we develop artistic and curatorial ideas; we offer competent support to elaborate and realize exhibitions and art projects taking into consideration the historical and cultural context of the specific regions.
The cooperation between artists and art historians with experts in exhibition building and design assures the effective staging of the single art piece, the smooth and organic connection to the overall curatorial concept and the emotional involvement of the audience in order to transport the artistic and curatorial ideas also in a non-verbal way.