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Arjuna Kohlstock

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My name is Arjuna Jacob Cyril Kohlstock. I think in melodies and speak in rhymes. I walk in different time signatures, at different BPMs. I breathe chords and I taste harmony. I'm made of sound, skin and bones and I know nothing else.

Musically, almost everything has been done before, therefore I believe eclecticism is the nearest form of originality. I do not have any musical boundaries or restrictions. Having said that, I can switch between letting myself flow, freely and let who or what is around me, inspire me, to being completely structured and follow guidelines to a tee. I have a good ear for what works and what doesn't, but I always bear in mind, that everyone's ideas carry equal weight and there is no right or wrong when it comes to a song.

If it's a catchy jingle you're looking for, or musical direction in the studio, an original composition for your debut album, or a complete restructure of an existing song, I am the one you're looking for.