Igal Permuth

Within the fauna of archetypal bodies I developed my project of research-representation "The Forbidden Color". With this proposal I seek to unveil the constructions of codes and levels of consciousness, wounds, traces and fragments where a repertoire of languages is constructed. These expressions question or endorse the Concept of prohibition, whether they are socio-political or socio-economical cultural elements. Childish symbols are important in the construction of my pieces, since they are the reference, the elements of that moment in life, our childhood, where we build our beliefs and create our agreements with the world of codes with which we reaffirm our criteria.
I use dummies as blank canvases, to see the actual images of these bodies and evidence the diversity of margins, temporal spaces, and appeareances with whom we construct those abducted readings of racial positivism and traditional conventions.
I exhibited in Museums and Galleries around the world and in my country. And recently I was awarded with the International Art Milan Award in Milan, Italy.

# mixed mediaphotographypaintinginstallation