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hus behram

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I was born in the northern part of the divided city of Nicosia, Cyprus. The feeling of isolation and the great effort that is required even just to exist, in an unrecognized state, are all notions that have been evident throughout my life.
My exit/entry into a greater reality started with me moving to the UK to study Architecture. It then followed by some work experience in the ‘motherland’ Turkey.

As a Turkish proverb says; one language one person, two languages two people. So from there I hit the road again to Italy, learnt some Italian, had some more work experience.

Back in Cyprus, we formed a collective, which we were hesitant to give a name. We put together 3 exhibitions; Happening (, He/She/It and Etkenlik(

For some time I had the urge to tell stories, so I started writing scripts and short stories. Once I had the chance to get hold of some equipment, I found it quite instinctive to work in the video medium. The absence of effort was something I’ve been longing for.
Recently I’ve moved to Berlin and the adventure goes on.