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HOUSE creative hub


HOUSE Creative Hub is a co-working space for artists based in Sofia, Bulgaria that provides opportunities for artists to produce and share work, to develop professionally, network, create connections and collaborate on a local and international level. The HOUSE Creative Hub is open to residents on a local and international level. The core of the HOUSE is young Bulgarian artists groups - Factory for Urban Art (organization for urban and public art interventions), Atom Theatre (contemporary dance company), J&S Scrapbook Studio (paper craft studio). The projects caused repercussions in Sofia and Plovdiv’s urban environment, reviving abandoned landmarks and focusing the attention of the audience on topical problems, such as ecology, politics and social media.

The purpose of the Creative Hub is to:
- Transform the house into a residence center for independent artists and art organizations;
- Build up a society of creative people where they can work, network, exchange skills and ideas;
- Attract young people (professionals, amateurs, and children) to take part in various dance classes, training, workshops, discussions, and presentations;
- Provide co-working space for art organizations, freelancers and independent artists;
- Invite the community to take part in different activities.