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Holly Timpener

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Their lived experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder informs their work which uses the body to confront issues surrounding gender divides, expectations of gender, and the judgement placed upon physical appearance. Holly’s work challenges the perceptions and expectations surrounding the “female” body within our society. Performing using the body as an object creates the capacity to disseminate complex issues within the idea of “the personal is political” in modern socio-political context. While the “female” form is often objectified, Holly feels that with fearless intimacy and durational presentation, their naked self challenges viewers to elevate preliminary ideas of form and gain deeper insight within the work.
Holly works from both a personal perspective and with research collected from within their queer community with a focus on collective trauma memory. Stories and materials are collected from the queer community through One-on-One performance methodology. Holly takes these shared experiences, meditating upon them in ritualistic performative actions to seek transformation for both themself and viewers. Through performance, they reclaims their body while reflecting on how the challenges and struggles of their identity are woven into the lived experience of being queer. Holly’s work is dedicated to creating new spaces and exploring ideas of how we can live within this world free of shame or free, transmuting our awareness within community and the individual.