Based upon personal fears and internal conflicts, my practice is a contemporary expression of the Jungian shadow archetype inherent to the subconscious of the human psyche. Under the disciplines of digital-traditional printmaking and intuitive drawing, I combine the negative aesthetic categories of the uncanny and the grotesque with affect theory and affective embodiment to unmask this ‘other’ to the viewer.

Across my work, I merge the aesthetic criteria of the grotesque with the uncanny, resulting in a framework that dictates how I deform the human figure according to notions of ambiguity, materiality, representational imagery, and negative emotions.

Adopting a minimalist approach to language, my work blurs the distinction between human and ‘other’, breaks down notions of self-identity and by resisting classification, invites the viewer to project their interpretation of the shadow onto the subjects.

Although my work is highly personal in its meaning and expression, I do so with the intention of producing a confrontational encounter between the exposed shadow and the viewer, where the act of viewing is a deeply disturbing and visceral experience. My practice relies on the affective power of the uncanny and grotesque to move the viewer beyond their subjective identity and into the subconscious shadow self.