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We invite submissions of short films (under 15 minutes) to appear as part of the Healthy Scepticism film festival. Submissions should offer some contemplation of the issues under consideration at the Healthy Scepticism project (outlined below), and may do so in any the filmmaker sees fit. Submissions might explore, for example, the following kinds of questions: What are your or others’ experiences of health, illness, wellness, medicine, healthcare? What is your perspective on how our healthcare systems do and do not work? How do we currently think of ourselves as “ill” or “healthy,” and why? What role does media – including social media – have in our perceptions of health, wellness, illness and disease? How do personal encounters, family histories, ethnic, sexual and gender identities change our experiences of health and illness, of healthcare and healthcare systems? How has COVID-19 changed things for us in terms of how we understand health and its care?

We will feature the films of our finalists as part of our virtual film festival, and one overall winner will be featured in the festival, alongside an interview with the winning filmmaker. The winner will be chosen by an interdisciplinary panel of judges working across the content areas of the Healthy Scepticism project.