Humans Collecting Memories

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HUMANS COLLECTING MEMORIES is the brainchild of Giovanni Di Giandomenico and Aladin Ilou. Both of Sicilian origins, the two have chosen Paris as base of their operations.
As the name suggests, HCM aims at cataloguing moments, emotions and experiences, while cherishing these with the respect and affection they deserve.
HCM is a record label, however its fields of focus aren’t to be confined solely in music: the platform stands as a crossroad where research, informations and communion between the arts can flourish naturally. In this context, there’s a finely tuned sensibility shared between HCM’s close contributors, who all seek shared ideals to serve a greater purpose.
Inspired by the masterful skills of artisans from another era, HCM proposes high quality productions lovingly curated in every detail. Runs of limited releases aim to reach those ready to listen, willing to appreciate the narrative that lies behind each unique piece of work.