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Hannes Brunner

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born in Lucerne,Switzerland, lives in Zurich/CH and Berlin.
His art installations favor ephemeral materials, and his contextual art projects combine different medias including social process from digital communication into real physical spaces. Projects are shown internationally in contemporary art spaces; a.o. ‘Driver’s Comment’, Switzerland ( 2011, ‘search engine’s bodily reply’, Dubai, Zürich (, ‘Suburban Entity’, USA, Germany, Switzerland (, 2003-05; ‘1site2places’, Detroit/Stuttgart (, 2000-03; ‘Gift of the mayor’, (, 2001 or ‘One Life, One Mile: in Rome’, Gwangju,Korea and Kiel, Germany.

He lectures at several Art Schools in Switzerland and Germany; currently he is a Professor of the sculpture department at Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin. Till 2008 he was Chairman of a Fine Arts Motion Graphic program at NYIT, New York Institute of Technology, in Abu Dhabi, UAE; before that he was Professor of the Art Project department at Muthesius Academy of Architecture, Fine Art and Design in Kiel, Germany, and initiator of the Virtual Campus He has a degree in Architecture from ETH Zürich and an MFA in Photography from the Art Academy in Kassel, Germany.