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HAZEGALLERY is a contemporary gallery and artist space located in the Schoneberg area in Berlin.
Founded and curated by Irina Rusinovich as a natural sequel of our Fashion & Art MAGAZINE PURPLEHAZE to create an opportunity for emerging and mid-career artists to show and sell their work offline.

We are devoted to exhibiting artists from all backgrounds, generations, who are working in photography field.
For our 2020 season, we host one exhibition per month , each determined from our open call. We believe the format of the open call is a great equalizer which benefits our space as much as it gives new opportunities to a much larger scope of artists. Our goal is to support artists by presenting high quality and daring exhibitions and through marketing, promoting, and selling their work.
For more information on our exhibiting artists and our previous programmes, please see, and
We also host a series of artist presentations, visits, talks, and curated events which can coincide with our main exhibitions and PUPRLEHAZE Publications.