5 free artists working on different themes and in different disciplines, founded in summer 2017
Caroline Engelmann
Oliver Niemöller
Sondra Sohl
Reidun Rose Vinda

For Weronaik_ Right now exploring the possibilities of 3D pictures through assemblage or 3D collage made mainly out of wood, paper, nature materials, dead parts of plants and pigments. - experimenting with structures, revealing other sides of reality.

Vinda_ Norwegian landscaping in abstract forms fighting nature elements in many layers of a personal context

Sohl_All shades of Blue and Turqoise for the water surroundig us, being part of human soul and the painters longing for fullfillment with nature

Niemöller_Fractal geometry beginning with numbers in the head, developing then huge dimensions, penetrating the non ending space. Or the forms are defined, pulled out change their character and appearance.

Engelmann_Photography without any digital manipulation, pure, original work with complex questioning the every day objects, beings, covered on different media in a slow, hand made process