Hanna schaich

Me I am a queer-Multimediaartist living and working in Berlin. Biographical milestones: MFA Fine Arts, Berlin, Post Grad Adv. Media Cert. performance and interactive media arts, Brooklyn, NYC. She has been awarded different residencies and fellowships (2019 BKA Media Arts Fellow, 2019 5x5 GO Fellow, DAAD Fellow, amongst others) . She has shown in galleries and other institutions nationally and internationally, most recently at Cinema Central (Berlin, DE), LLC Kunstraum (NYC), Zentrale (Vienna, AT), FokiaNou Art Space (Athens, GR), Galerie Hollenstein (Lustenau, AT), RAM galleri (Oslo, NO), Kunstraum Bethanien (Berlin, DE), and microscope gallery (NYC).

My work is structured around a number of basic questions. What fuels our aspirations? Alternately, what prevents us as social beings from pursuing our desires? When and why do we fight for something? How do we maintain our dignity? And what are our individual strategies for negotiating life inside capital?
All these are questions that open me up daily for the silence, the lute, the extreme, the vulnerable and the seemingly inconspicuous.