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Gwendolyn Noltes


In my work I tell people’s stories. In an individualised world it’s important to remain open to others. I'm curious about other people's lives because everyone has a unique story. To be open I expand my view.

I'm always looking for ways to link a personal story to a social theme. Within this theme I look for common ground in which the viewer can identify himself. By recognition the viewer feels personally involved. Because of this he’s more or less forced to think about his own position in relation to the theme. I believe that critically questioning ourselves and the world around us helps cultivate curiosity, without the world would never change.

The stories that I use are a reflection of society. It says something about the target group that a person belongs to, it shows an image of time and an ideology from a certain generation.

The high degree of recognition and identification makes my work also accessible to the untrained art viewer. However, I strive to apply sufficient layering and stylistic forms in my work so that the viewer is challenged to look beyond the first impression. I treat my work as a fashion collection. I’m looking for unity in color, shape and material. Craft is a high priority. Craftsmanship and eye for detail are my specialty. By working analogue I leave space for imperfection, which arises playfulness and curiosity.

Important is that the medium, material, colour palette and aesthetics are always in the service of the story.


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