guinchi the sculptor


Born and raised in Bogota and adopted by Berlin, there's no doubt that the city life is reflected in his art; the roughness of hand forged iron combined with meticulous detailing. From heavy chisel strikes on stone to 3-hair paint brush shadowing, the balance in his art, the dedication to details and the use of industrial and construction materials draws the line that defines a “Guinchi” piece.
For the artist beauty matters! Even when his art feels dark at first, one always finds those slight touches that makes you admire the beauty behind a well executed technique.
“Art is a massive weapon of awareness” – states Guinchi
“We as artists have a responsibility that goes far beyond decorating a living room”

He aims to make a social inclusion doing guerilla art to bring interest to unconventional spaces, reaching out to the people who's artistic interests may be suppressed due to a social/cultural backgrounds. This contemporary Renaissance instigates a revolution that aims to differentiate between "Comercial" and ”Real" art.

​In 2017 Guinchi founded the Art Gallery Untergeschoss der Pandora in Berlin, Germany. A place where Guinchi came with a revelation for the art world. The creation of "NOW". This term relates to the "Present Art" wave that Guinchi started after applying collective intelligence for the curation and selection process in his art gallery.
​Guinchi lives and works in Berlin, Germany since 2013.