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Gabriele Raik

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I grew up in Hamburg, Germany.
A-Level 1987 Gymnasium St. Pauli, Hamburg
My education is based on elements of yoga, movement, the improvisation on indian syllables (sa re ga ma pa da ni sa), but also on skills in modern-, musical-, jazz-, latindance and ballett.... I sang and performed in musicals, had my own formations with me singing, arranging the songs and leading the band.


During the education at Monsun Theatre 1994
Method Acting with elements of Fritz Perls (Gestalt-Arbeit,
which is based on a technique that helps to transform feelings)

Juli 1995
Jazzworkshop der Freien Kunstschule Berlin
Leitung: Christoph Griese

August 1995
“Natürliche Stimme” Studio Ida Kelarova

Insights in Instant Composing with Andreas Schmidt (p), A-Trane Berlin 1998
Modern Jazz Trio with Eric St. Laurent (guit.) 1999
Performances in Musicals 2004
2007 2nd award at “Gesangscontest”, Grüner Salon, Berlin
Trio with Lars Martens (guit.) and Malte Tönnißen (b) 2007-2012
Circle Singing 2011
Minimal Trio: Federico Missio (sax), Ofri Ifzvi (db) 2011
“Women in Jazz”, Galerie Bauchhund, Berlin: Trio with Agita Rando (p), Eva Kesselring (db)
Performance with Stephan Bienwald (guit) 2013
Duo project with Eyal Lovett (p) 2013

Currently working on a new project…

Planned: Another Minimal formation with voice, doublebass and trombone interpreting Monk standards.