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Giorgia Conceição

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Giorgia Conceição is a Brazilian performer and art researcher, who works with contemporary languages that make use of the body and image production as propellers for creation. She works in solo projects, as well as in collaborations with other artists. Her most recent researches approach performance as a potential field for erotica. The political scope of her work is about how to escape the logic from the authority’s eye, by means of joy and pleasure, where hermeneutics and interpretation are relativized by the rise of erotica. The body as a privileged place for thinking and for esthetic propositions. Now, she develops a performance project in that she lives like a Burlesque Performer (Miss G) in Berlin. That character is lived 24/7 in her real life and profession, like a work in process. The project duration is around three years, and it is started in March 2014.
Her background includes ten years (2002-2012) as owner and artistic director in Companhia Silenciosa (The Silent Company, Curitiba, Brazil), collective focused on mix theater and other artistic languages (like visual art, media art, street art, dance and performance art), as well a vocational education in Graphic Design. These experiences gives her skills in artistic practice and production routine, besides a good hability in collective work, or just as backstage organization and assistance.