Geo Metricks

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Buenos Aires, Argentina 1974.
His love for art began at early age and derived him as an artist linked to music and sculpture.
A tireless traveler, since his childhood, he explored different cultures all over the world, giving him a wealth that will rise into a personal deepening of
transcendence. His fascination with geometry gave him the ability to define his own technique of artistic creation.

. Philosophy

Imagine having an altered vision. Find out that mathematics are visible in its perfect esthetic.Trapped between Infinity and reality, the proposal of the argentinian artist shows that there is something that our perception can not see, but is present among us.An architectural style that start fom a unique and infinite geometric pattern.
Fernando has been transforming his work to the point of living an enigma of universal mystery.
From the bases of sacred geometry and several practices related to meditation and energetic chanelling. Concepts such as the geometrization of the spirit that develop an exhaustive study towards a whole process of evolution in his work.


A new way to see the space around us...

A work full of energetic symbolism. A new concept in art, design and dimensional geometry that shows the ability to distort the perception
of space.
Fractals as the archetype of understanding.
Sacred Geometry as a creative