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Galerija12 HUB (G12HUB) is an art and technology centre dedicated to the promotion and development of inter-media arts and performance. It provides state of the art tools for digital research and production; initiating and promoting experimentation on the border line of arts, science and live performance.

The G12HUB program structure combines exhibitions, live performances, streamed events, digital encounters, dialogues, debate, presentations and workshops with the aim of promoting cross media and trans disciplinary approaches to art production and interpretation.

G12HUB works to develop collaborations with a wide range of international institutions and individuals, opening the space for exchange and exploration between the international scene and local initiatives. Through an intensive knowledge exchange program G12HUB also works to increase the production of younger generation artists and researchers.

G12HUB intends to illuminate the potential of performance and inter-media collaboration in the future development of arts production that can transform our understanding of today’s world and its future.