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Fuchsbau Festival

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Fuchsbau is one of Germany’s best-kept secrets.
It’s an intimate urban arts and music festival, held every year in the woods near Hannover in the north of Germany and has welcomed the likes of artists such as Move D, Rødhåd or Hundreds and constantly engages in finding up-and-coming talents.

Created and run by a collective of young artists and musicians, this eclectic festival also includes theatre performances as well as visual arts and debates. Fuchsbau showcases unique shows exploring interactions between electronic music and various forms of arts.

This year’s leitmotiv is „Größenwahn“, which translates to megalomania or delusions of grandeur. The festival explores the following questions through diverse artistic views and debates: Are artists inevitably too big for their boots? In how far is art able to change our world? The globalization opens us a thousand doors but which doors remain closed? Are Internet companies taking over real life, particularly our private lives? Which are my individual megalomaniac traits and what is going to stop me?

Despite all this megalomania, on thing remains clear: Fuchsbau remains familiar and cozy. This absolutely grandiose, venerable festival is very far from adopting a megalomaniac attitude.