Francesca Edwards

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I am an abstract painter from Essex, focused around the concept of colour theory, and how utilising specific colours can transcend the viewer into a sensory, physical or psychological state. Creating an experience is one of the most important aspects in my practice, I want the people viewing my work to feel immersed in it, and remember the experience long after they have left the gallery space.

In June I completed my BA Fine Art Degree at Loughborough University, and I am currently studying for my Masters Degree in Curation at the University of Essex. Expanding my knowledge of both art and how to curate the art is important to me, alongside furthering my own artistic career within the contemporary art field.
Stimulated by the concept of colour interaction, my installations explore the dialogue that is created between the painted surface and the colour illuminations when colour changing sequences are projected on top of the canvases.
By combining abstract painting with colour changing projection it allows me to see the direct affect that digital light has on painted colour, and how changing the hues of this light can create immersive colour transformations. My gestural paintings are photographed, digitalised and then projected back onto the original canvas. This second layer depicts an animated colour sequence that illuminates the painted colours, creating a sense of movement across the space.