Aegea Hsieh

Overly self-conscious of myself as a fragmented existence, I could only feel the fullness of "me" when entering the twilight zone between self and others. The photographed bodies are no longer themselves per se, and the objects are also beyond their ontological existence. While the body moved like a crippled, the spirit wandered peripatetically.

Aegea is an experienced photographer and visual artist who also possesses the ability to write the scripts and poems, the best of all, the creativity and the acute sensitivity toward the inscape of every elements which the world contains. She's capable of delving into the further extent of things, pondering philosophically and willing to embrace the unknownness all the time.

2005-2017: Freelance photographer and visual artist.

Nuits et Noirs 3, Netherlands
Spleen Magazine, Italy
MWAH Magazine, UK
Netherworld Magazine, UK
ANORMALMAG Magazine, Spain
Neocha Magazine, Shanghai
Cíclope Magazine, Argentina
Encyclopaedia of Moments Magazine, UK

Featured in EYEMAZING Annual Pictorial Vol.II, published by Eyemazing Susan, 2015, Netherlands

The Journey of Sacrifice, directed by Shark Ying, 2014, Taiwan
Immortelle, directed by David Verbeek, 2012, Netherlands
Body At Large, directed by Shark Ying, 2012, Taiwan
When Love Comes, directed by Tso-chi Chang, 2010, Taiwan

Portrait for the Dutch overtone musician Mark van Tongeren

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