Grazer Akrosphäre

Only 1 more week until the premiere of 'Exploring Identities - a circus show' (Berlin)!

This is a self-produced show by a small international circus collective based in Graz, Austria.

Come enjoy modern circus show examining the theme of identity over the course of one hour.
In the theatrical production “Exploring Identities” a group of young artists illuminate how your life and identity can be shaped by the different decisions you make.
Following different forks in the road can create parallel worlds. Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who can I be?
The audience can await a mixture of breathtaking partner acrobatics, as well as elegant and whimsical moments on aerial silk and trapeze.
Light and Video effects enhance the hour long performance.

We will be in the Delphi Theater September 28th and 29th. Tickets and more information on our website:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!