Evgenia Emets

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Evgenia Emets started as a photographer on the cusp of the growing photography movement in 2000 in Moscow. Her work gradually unfolded from direct portraiture to complex abstract and geometric work.

In 2007, Evgenia moved to London and graduated with her MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in 2008. She presented an immersive holographic and sound installation as her graduation work.

In 2010 she founded Analema Group arts collective whose ongoing project KIMA explores the art and science of visual sound. Site-specific interactive performances and installation took place throughout 2013-2017 in the UK and Europe.

Evgenia has been working on integrating poetry she has been writing since she was 14 into her art practice. She creates works on the intersection of sound and visual poetry through artist books, calligraphy, performance, and objects.

She actively works with languages, drawing inspiration from possible hidden relationships and common roots between distant families. She often deconstructs language exploring its underlying meaning through the power of sound.

Born in the USSR, Poltava, in 1979, and coming from a multicultural background, Evgenia has lived in many countries. Today she lives in Portugal, learning a new language, working on new projects, embracing and negotiating cultural, historical, and environmental legacies of her new home country.