Erik Nieminen

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My works present an independent reality, a world that is dependent on our natural world yet is separate from it. I am predominantly interested in the dissolution of space, perspective, light, and time through varying degrees of figuration and abstraction. Form is created through a responsive and adaptive process over a length of time, reworking the colors and shapes until an ideal solution is found.

Light is used in almost every aspect of my work and it informs and shapes the architecture of each painting in a specific way. Experiments playing with reflected and projected light serve as my aesthetic underpinning. The forms, patterns, shapes, and colours found in these experiments are then partially adapted through a long process of drawing for use in the eventual painting, where light is again considered in the layering process. Elements of video and photography are also used to glean reference material. No one photo or video is used as a single basis for an entire work, only bits and pieces from dozens. They are used in the final painting to create a bridge for the viewer to cross into the space of the work, a work that exists on its own terms.