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My work reflects on the relationship between appearance and the physical and social constraints that determine identity, responding to identified pressures and stereotypes through a gendered and cultural lens. I like to use humour to engage my audience in the moment, allowing them to consider issues of gender, sexuality, personality and the experiences of other people. I am particularly interested in interactive performance work that relies on audience participation; I believe that the potent intimacy of actual participation better engages the viewer, and pushes them to a fuller understanding of the work. I create uncomfortable, socio-artistic situations which force interaction in subtle and frequently humorous ways. I embrace awkwardness in my work believing it to be amongst the most human of experiences. By including people in my practice, I confront the role of the spectator: both sculpture and gallery visitor become the subject, the viewer and the viewed. I build and reconfigure spaces in order to do this. There is a sense that the work might be enjoyed as a kind of guilty pleasure.