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Emanuele Sartori

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Emanuele Sartori was born in Vicenza in 1970.
He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 1995, in the section of painting.
Lives and works in Vicenza, and has participated in various collective artistic and personal national.
The essence of my research with the collages is due to a dialectic between the known and the unknown, in a synthesis that provides few pictorial elements and philosophical and then Referring to a more existential phenomenology.
When this attempt (still in progress) is missing for me is the failure of my own research.
This happens when it takes over the only feeling of strangeness, leaving dim its meaning.
As paradoxical as it may seem, I try to come to a righteousness against the Mystery, and it let flow what already is ...
All this would not have been possible without the teaching and the "meeting" with Maestro Franco Bertossa, which, I must not only that.
This route not allude to an end, that I can not see, not an inherent limit, but by the very nature of the mystery that remains even when it evokes.