Elizabeth McTernan

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ArtConnect Artist to Watch 2021 My practice is a research-oriented and mixed-media exploration of measurement, which seeks to problematize and play with scientific discourses of objectivity. From the Gobi Desert to the Indian Himalayas to the Arctic, I regularly travel to remote landscapes to perform an interdisciplinary practice of mapping. Sometimes a cartography of landscapes: mountains, deserts, the coastlines of islands or puddles. Other times a cartography of objects: lab artifacts, copper, rocks. I process what I find with actions, installations, new media, drawing, printmaking, sound, essays, and artist books.

Many of my works operate as “anti-maps.” Anti-maps are records of specific lived experiences on Earth: rather than providing a precise or objective measurement of a landscape, they resist completion. They exist in a space between firsthand experience and secondary document, and they foreground the paradoxes and aporias inherent in measurement.

I have exhibited internationally and participated in numerous residencies & conferences. My artworks & writings have appeared in many publications, including MIT Press Leonardo Journal. Recently, I was nominated for the long list of the Preis der Nationalgalerie 2021. Parallel to my practice, I work as a researcher and writer for Olafur Eliasson and am a member of the Berlin-based cultural association TOP e.V. I live, work, and walk in Berlin.