Elham Angell Soleimannezhad

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Elham is an Iranian artist, currently living in Turkey.
Elham’s chief inspiration comes from nature for her, there is no barrier between art and science. She uses her art to understand the world around her, and her place within it. As she says, nature is the first thing which you can know and explore by yourself.
Understanding her world is the bridge Elham uses to build a connection with her audience. But because this connection allows her audience to see the world through her eyes, she feels that they are integral to the final meaning of her work. As she sees it, more than half of her art is on the shoulders of her audience: They are free to interpret her work through the window she opens for them.
For Elham, the physical medium has come to be the least important aspect of her work. Despite starting her career working in bronze and other fine materials, she now finds inspiration from branches, paper, string and even the wind.
As in the Persian literature which represents a strong source of influence for Elham, objects carry their own philosophy. They are a source of learning and inspiration, inviting you to find the meaning hidden within them. Elham uses these objects to communicate with her audience, inviting them to observe their own responses, to notice how they relate to their own ideas of the world. In this way, art can extend beyond what is merely present.
Artists are gatekeepers to mysterious worlds, worlds otherwise closed to view.