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David Catá

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David Cata's work sets a game between personal memory and the creative act.
A temporary act recorded through photography, video, painting or sculpture.

The evocation power of personal objects and his family album's pictures are his inspiration. Through them, he makes a reflection about time, memory and ways to delay the oblivion's process by using ephemeral elements, such as ice, thread, dandelions., salt...

Sometimes, his own body is turned into his environment and experiences's artistic canvas.
The sewn and fissures done over his skin are a metaphor of the permanent symbiosis between the run of time and the oblivion. His work aims to the past time's preservation through the memorial, corporal, photographic and video graphic marks. His work goes beyond an esthetic quest.
His video performances are a cathartic exercise, in which he faces the oblivion and sadness of bereave. Making “flesh” of suffering, he physically releases of it once and for all.
Ephemerality of life, the physical and immaterial marks, pain... are closely linked to his work.