Das Haus


Das Haus [The House / The Home] represents the safer place for creatives. In our home we are free, ourselves, we invite who we adore and share what we are and want. This independent project intends to support creatives of all creative industries (advertising, architecture, art, design, film, music, performing arts, publishing, TV, etc.), through Labs and an online Community.

The Labs are run every 6 months, with new editions starting in April and October. For each edition, a group of international multidisciplinary creatives is selected and united for an experimental and free concept online group. Through video / sound online meetings, the selected participants exchanged knowledge and experiences related to creative processes and professional backgrounds, while developing their own practices together, in a safe place where technologies and location diversity agrees in an in-between. The Labs are also accompanied by a coordinator.

The Creative Community supports creatives and promotes creative projects. Through interviews, articles, and other content, the platform displays information inspired in - and for - creatives.
Along with the community, Week's Journal is a space designed to be adaptable, changeable, supportive, and, most of all, inclusive.