Daniel Garbade

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Daniel Garbade (1957) is a swiss artist, Painter and photographer, he started his career as a Film Art director working together with Fred Zinneman or Ives Boisset.

Based in Madrid, he has been exhibited in major galleries and museums.

Garbade’ work surprise with its direct discourse and draw attention by the purity of their forms. The photography and collages have a subtle point that distinguishes them from everything else our eyes are used to see, as distancing oneself from the work they start to give a new perspective, not given to the first look.
Sometimes his work verges on Surrealism with a sense of humor, but all works follow their own aesthetic.
He places objects on different kinds of surfaces to give them heterogeneous textures. When taking photographs, his goal is not so much the originality of the composition but how to achieve images brimming with poetry, conferring on them their own identity and making any object attractive, no matter how ordinary it may be. He also works with a direct and simple line in his drawings.
His works are on canvas, Dibond, and paper, with digital art, collage, painting Photography, and drawing.