"D'art" is a collective of young people who work in art and video documentary.

Currently, we are starting a new project that will develop trough the months of June and July and will be a documentary handling the struggles and opportunities that emerging artists are facing in developing their art in Berlin.

Currently, we are looking for artists (painters, photographers, sculptors etc) who would like to part of this initiative.

In short, we would like to get to know them, their art and their perspective about the current art scene as well as their experience developing themselves in this city and the struggles and opportunities they are facing.

The documentary will touch several topics about art, the art market etc as well as document the daily life of the artists in question.

If you think you could be interested and could contribute positively to this project, feel free to contact us.

We are looking for artists who have talent and interesting personalities who could share their insights about what is going on in the art world (with a focus on the Berlin art scene).

Feel free to apply for this interesting project by sending us an email with your work and a short bio.