CU46 Project


CU46 Project unites sexual or/and gender-related artists worldwide to break the ice of stereotypes, humiliation, deviation, and taboos associated with sexuality and gender issues.

As a gallery we provide safe online and offline spaces for artist who work with exploration of gender, body and sexuality, free from judgement, cultural, political, legal, philosophical, moral, ethical, and religious norms and dogmas, where we empower them to openly share their vision on the sexual and gender identity through art.

We do not only support established artists, but rise emerging ones. We help our residents to bloom in the most individual and fascinating way.

We give the voice to LGBTQI and other rejected minorities, whose narrative used to be oppressed or shaped by the society and advocate against the objectification of the female body and sexuality. We unite galleries, foundations, organization working with the topics of sexuality and concept of corporeality and queer culture.