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Francisco c.p. Vasconcelos

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Personal Photography work: multiverse
Description: Guided by the recent advancements in the field of quantum physics and its theorization of "what is reality?", emerges the concept of "multiverse"; a state that, through the analysis of quantic phenomena, reveals the notion that not only one universe exists, but many others too; whether simultaneously in this space-time fabric continuum, or even in parallel realities in different times at the same space. The representation of these views within our daily city life and its multiple phenomenas, were linked through photography using a multiple-exposure technique (with both Analog and Digital devices), utilizing compositions of the same scales through multiple layers of the landscape (or seemingly opposing it), and shifting between these different concepts of alternate or even parallel/simultaneous realities of our present daily life. Whether these realities exist or not; whether they are a part of a bigger or single reality of which we are only able to experience one; it is that one which our senses allow us to perceive; resulting in different realities that simultaneously exist, and are shaped and made real through our daily choices and actions.