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The Chimera-Project is a program gallery, established in 2012 in Budapest. Our gallery program is built on curated, thematic exhibitions to generate a meaningful discourse in contemporary art around relevant artistic and social topics.

Through its founders, Chimera-Project has a strong international orientation: Patrick Urwyler is a Swiss art historian and curator and Bogi Mittich is a Hungarian sociologist. We worked in several art institutions in Bern, Berlin and Budapest.

Based on our background our goal is to support international exchange. Our annual program consists of two interrelated sections of exhibitions: one section we realize in our own gallery space in Budapest and the other abroad through various projects. In our Budapest program we regularly introduce international artists and on the other hand we also organise exhibitions for Hungarian artists in abroad.

We belive, that international visibility is very important for any emerging and mid-career artists. This is the point where artists, smaller institutions and art professionals have to strengthen collaboration and build bridges to get visible on the global scene. To make this happen, we build up an exchange program, based on bilateral residencies and exhibition series.