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Chelsea Muehe

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Seeking Assistant Job:
I am in Berlin, visiting until 03/15/2015 from NYC/SF USA. I am working on a music project but can devote time helping others with their creative projects too. I am particularly interested in textile design/process dyeing, weaving, and sewing natural fibers. Also very interested in getting back into ceramics. I have experience painting, woodworking, film photo processing, zine making, sewing, and well, prefer to keep things analog as much as possible. But hey, I'm sure if someone showed me the ropes with digital life, I would find the beauty in this also. Oh yes, I am comfortable with power tools and driving trucks/vans. I am also strong and can move heavy shit. Oh yeah and I am a physiotherapist, in case anyone needs bodywork. Also, I would love a buddy shooting film around town. All the best!