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Charles Gonzalez Bernal is a Colombian artist based between Berlin. Currently he is doing a Meisterschüler-Studium about installation and sculpture mentoring by Prof. Eberhard Bosslet at Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden. His work is focussed on space, perception, movement, an embodied experience and the relationship with the spectator.

He is graduated in Architecture and the Interdisciplinary MA in Life Arts at National University of Colombia in Bogotá. His practice inhabits the borders of the public through site specific, installation, performance, theatre and architectural projects.

Since 2009 he is co-founder and member of Vividero Colectivo, an open group of multidisciplinary artists interested in the re-valuing of marginalized bodies and social practices as cultural heritage. Their projects can also be interpreted as an effort to keep urban space fairly inclusive and diverse.

His concern for body and space lead him to create devices that invite to be lived in, to be enabled by the experience. In his work, space becomes a less representative and more perceptive event. It is to distinguish the geometric space and anthropological space as an experiential space. A spatiality without attributes to which the inhabitants, through its use, and meaningful up. That is many more sensations to experience that events to witness