Casa Belgrado

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Located in Buenos Aires, Casa Belgrado is a space dedicated to creation, research and experimentation of contemporary artistic practices related to performance, scenic arts and their possible expansions and approximations to sound, multimedia and audio-visual art.
We call for diverse approaches of encounter and exchange, where different creative energies can unite and increase. We embrace the intersections and experiences in hybrid formats of research, composition and presentation, approaching the idea of post-discipline, where tools and knowledge are integrated to develop a work, process or experience, blurring the disciplinary limits stablished in the traditional and predominant art circuits.

The Belgrado Shop-Window. Atelier, exhibition and intervention.

The Belgrado shop-window is an old furniture store in the ground floor of our house, located in the Balvanera neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, in a traditionally commercial district focused on the sale of furniture and mattresses.
At the end of 2019, Belgrado begins to occupy this old store as a space for work, experimentation and exhibition. We believe that Belgrado ́s Shop-Window is a device for intervention and dialogue with the territory, a window to the neighbourhood. Thanks to its location and the high traffic of people, we want Belgrado's shop-window projects to be directly related to the neighbours and all those who occupy this open and fluid territory.