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Carlos Onetti

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From Barcelona but working as a freelance photographer between London (UK), and Madrid (Spain).

In 2012 I achieved a MA degree in Art and contemporary Photographic Language at the CFP Bauer in Milán (Italy). The year after I worked with the italian conceptual artist Francesco Jodice.

My personal work is mainly focused on conceptual and documentary projects using photography and video. Always with an intimate, direct and clean style.
I believe in the use of both digital and analogical devices, in order to get the best quality of the image, paying attention to details. I believe in photography as a medium which helps the human being be aware of itself and what sorrounds him.

My professional work is based on portraits, music, and corporate photography, working for Indiependent Music Festival Barcelona 2009-2010, and for different music artist to create their cover albums (Rik Van den Bosch, Jordi Maranges, Le Vian Sonore, Marta sui Tubi, Maia Vidal, Lonely Drifter Karen) . Nowadays I often collaborate with the Music Recording Studio “Sol de Sants” (Barcelona).

Some of my corporate clients are 3M (Milano) Steelcase (Barcelona), Boglioli (Milano), Ikea (Milano), and Prógono (Barcelona)