Caren Arai

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Born on 19th, August 1992, I grew up in a little town near Rovigo, Italy, where I had a classical education that gave me the chance to fall in love with philosophy and art. In 2011 I moved to Milan, where I started a triennial degree in Engraving Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. In those three years I had the opportunity of trying various techniques of art printing and artistic experimentation such as video art and performances. After my graduation in Engraving Art in 2014, I understood that video art had become more and more meaningful to my work, so I decided to start a biennial degree in New Technologies for Cinema and Video, in which I graduated in 2018.
In my works I often try to become something else from myself, to change point of seeing or feeling things while I’m already doing it. I really enjoy changing my mind in the process. Discovering new reactions to the surroundings. I often perform driven by little unexpected things that deviate my path.
My videos and my photos often share the same origins, and I think I couldn’t manage to choose one over the other.
I don’t know if my works are easy to be categorized in a specific theme or subject. I’ve been fallen in love with people and the scenarios I see around me for all my life. I obsessively observe, spy, sneak into everyday details, and I just fill each of them with my anxious will of being seen and of actively affecting them so that they also can be seen in their ordinary invisible beauty.