Thomas Bringold

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Thomas Bringold, BRNGLD, is a multimedia artist who uses bright colors and dynamism to create an array of abstract and contemporary pieces.
He is constantly looking for new techniques to innovate his work, often scouring the world around him for inspiration. He imposes no limits on himself or his art and intends for his creations to advocate for open-
Outside of his grandmother’s atelier, he began to find his own way as an artist in the streets.
Graffiti was one of his first major influences and continues to inspire many of the shapes, colors, and lines he relies on today Thomas brings his own experiences to his art while keeping his mind open to new possibilities. Even in his most abstract figures, whispers of his street art background and other influences can always be found.

In 2015, he found his way to artistic hub Berlin, where he continued digital project management for several years before finally taking the leap to answer his creative calling in 2019. In the year since fully committing to his artistic pursuits, he has launched his first solo exhibition, made hundreds of pieces, and reaffirmed his desire to create with no intention of stopping anytime soon.

He is constantly exploring new playgrounds and perspectives to feed his imagination and inventiveness and produce works of art that capitalize on the message he’s using them to convey: keep your eyes open and you’ll find beauty even in the most chaotic world.