Serafima Bresler


Graduated from British Higher School of Art and Design
BA (Hons) Illustration
Speak English and German

I am an artist and illustartor.
My practice consists of various large-scale and miniature projects, which are united by the theme and directions, as well as the format and materials. I focused on studying «human documents». I believe that our modern culture can easily undergo destructive processes. In a huge stream of information, the products and narration of our history may disappear, that leads to the destruction of links with the past. «Human documents» are revealed in the image of juxtaposition as a single structure of the antiquity and modernity. Thus, my research is focused specifically on the study of these interweaving, which forms the human, and sometimes do not allow him to function frequently tying him to the yore or, on the contrary, creates the basis for new achievements.