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Bob Dixon

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I started taking photos when it was a film age and there I tried to capture the art of photography..setting up a dark room at home which I feel is a great idea for any artist. I've been involved in the music world in Ireland for a number of years and have had my images used on DVD'd, singles, albums, websites as well as raffled off for various charities.

I have been doing a collection of portraits over the last 10 years and it has introduced me to some incredible artists, It began in the music world but I had photographed painters..photographers and poets. Having the opportunity to shoot the likes of Glen Hansard..Shane McGowan..David Gray..Don McCullin..Rankin..Robert Ballagh and my collection is always growing.

My idea to get involved with the Berlin art scene is to show my collection to a wider audience with the intention of taking my art to New York city in the future.